An </808/> thingy

Coming really soon ;3


Community isn’t something to sell

Budgi is built so that the users and developers will be able to control the platform to the max and is open-source so that they can adapt it to whatever their needs are.


Built from the ground up with developers in mind

The one thing that all good social platforms have, is a developer friendly community.


No more cesspits of trolls

Users don’t need to be harassed on the daily by spam and assholes.


Doom shouldn’t be the only multi-platformer

Since Budgi is developed from API level first, it is capable of being used across multiple platforms and with multiple apps.


We believe In The Power Of Open Source

The people are always the ones who should always have the most power at the end of the day.

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Budgi is currently on public version 23.08.

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